Who ever remembers?

Today my blog here got followed! Not a life chaging experience on its own but a surprise as I don’t even remember setting it up!
But here we are then with this fresh space to ramble on about the inane and the unimportant.

Let’s start with not remembering. In the rush to be everything social how many of us set up accounts on the vast universe of channels? How many of us actually still see them as useful or in any way interesting the the casual or even regular readers? Some are but the majority are not.

Now here’s then thing. Take a moment to list all the channels where you have an account multiply by 10 minutes each account (the time it takes to update even if you don’t write ‘War & Peace’) Mine comes to about 2 hours a day if I did it every day.
Now think what else you could or should be doing during that time that would be more useful. Pick one thing to do each day that will improve your life, your client’s or your own business and do that instead. Will your fans, readers, followers, whatever, miss you.
I didn’t post on FB, Twitter, Google+ for the last 6 days and guess what, my micro universe increased on these three platforms. Maybe people like it when they can be ‘friends’ and know that they don’t have to read any posts!!
Tomorrow I’m going to do something useful.




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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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